Waking Up the Balcony

The project by Farming Studio transforms a balcony in Hanoi, using architectural solutions to create a social impact so as to improve the connection between users and the neighborhood.

We are young Vietnamese and Italian architects, with the intention of opening an architecture start-up in Vietnam. In October 2016, we returned to Hanoi to find a leasing office space. Surveying around Hanoi, we found out that a lot of balcony here are unused, probably because of dust, noise and burglary prevention problem of the urban area. Citizens hardly communicate, interact with the external environment, with surrounding neighborhood. We call those balconies are dead spaces.

Being aware of the above mentioned, our team planned to rent a downtown house with the balconies in order to awake such spaces up by architectural solutions which create friendly – multifunctional open spaces.

Wake Space Up! urban eco balcony, farming studio
Concept drawing
Handsketch eco-balcony
Handsketch plan
Handsketch aquaponic system

-The steel girder-tree system works as a new look for the house in order to create double space for the balcony areas.
-Maximum expansion of glass doors system into balcony takes advantage of the natural light–wind source to the building. Creating microclimate as well as minimizing the adverse effects of climate and surrounding environment by dint of the steel girder-tree system at balcony acting as a sun-proof barrier and a rain-proof structure.
-Especially, we developed the second version of this balcony type by applying the AQUAPONIC system to let these dead spaces become the ECO-Balcony system. A system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by farmed fish or other aquatic creatures supplies the nutrients for plants grown hydroponically, which in turn purify the water. This system does not require too much time on caring thanks to the timer pump system. After stressful working hours in downtown, the host can come home and enjoy fresh fish-green vegetable from this little balcony space.
-The stainless hot dipped galvanized steel girder system is modularized enabling ordinary people to effortlessly install and construct.
-Select air purifying plants. Besides, the planters are arranged flexibly to be easily moved as the user's habit.
-The outside steel girder system also intends to functioned as to prevent burglary entering from the balcony, assure security.