Dear User,

This Privacy Policy provides the terms and conditions in relation to the provision of information and services by Puna Yayıncılık Ltd. Şti to its dear users.

PUNA always respects its users’ and website visitors’ privacy.

Each user who enters the website or fills in the forms provided therein will be deemed to have read and accepted the provisions of the ‘Privacy Policy’ and ’Terms and Conditions’.

1-PUNA can use all the information collected from the visitors or registered users for any analysis purposes. PUNA can share such information with its business partners. Notwithstanding the foregoing PUNA will not share any e-mail addresses and any other personal information with any of its business partners, or any other companies, corporations or institutions without the prior consent of the relevant user or visitor.

2-PUNA never publishes e-mail addresses, name, surname, telephone number and any other personal information given by the registered user and visitor during the registration process, and save for clause 1, never shares them with any of its business partners, or any other companies, corporations or institutions unless stated otherwise.

3-Unless provided voluntarily by the registered user or the visitor PUNA will never collect personal data (e.g. Name, address, telephone number, or e- mail address) (Personal Data). All the information given to PUNA will be kept in order to be used for the purposes of marketing, market research, tracking the sales information and contacting the registered user or the visitor, etc. In the event the visitor or the registered user gives any Personal Data, which has not been requested by PUNA it will be deemed to have accepted the use of such information as indicated hereby.

4-PUNA will share the user’s Personal Data with third parties, only in the following cases and subject to the following requirements:
-In case of a written request by a legal and/or administrative authority,
-With the aim of maintaining and defending PUNA’s property rights
within the scope of the Terms and Conditions that you have accepted.

5-The Personal Data registered with XXI, can be seen only by the user. This data can never be sold, rent, or exchanged with any other foundation or institution. Save for stated herein such data cannot be shared with third parties. PUNA undertakes to show reasonable endeavours to accomplish the terms provided in this policy.

6-All the information collected by PUNA is saved in a secure place, which is not open for public usage. PUNA uses all kind of industry standards in order to keep such information save there. But, nevertheless PUNA cannot give any guarantee in relation the security issues.

7-The user has always the right to amend and/or update the Personal Data provided at the registration. If the user fails to comply with this Privacy Policy and/or the Terms and Conditions PUNA is entitled to suspend or cancel the relevant user’s membership.

8-Due to its nature, information can move on the Internet without having adequate security measures and can be used by unauthorised parties. PUNA is not responsible for such usage and any damage or loss arising from or in connection to such usage (including direct, indirect, or consequential loss including loss of profit or revenue).

9-In some conditions, information, which is not exclusive to the user can be collected. The user’s browser type, operating system, the domain name of the website which has the link or ad of PUNA’s site through which the user has accessed PUNA can be given as example for such non-exclusive information.

10-While the user visits our website, certain information can be sent to the user’s personal computer. This information will be in information determinant format (cookie) or in similar file types, and such information will be useful for us from several aspects. For example; cookies will allow PUNA to arrange the websites and ads according to the user’s interests and preferences. Almost in every Internet browser there are options to delete cookies from the harddisc, to prevent them to be received or to receive warnings before receiving them. The user is advised to refer to the browser’s usage information and help files for more information.

11-The user’s IP address is used for ensuring the operation and maintenance of the website and the servers and for solving any issues that may arise. The user’s IP address is used for the user’s identification.

12-This website gives link to other websites. This Privacy Policy is only valid for this website and does not cover other websites. In relation to the use of other websites through a link from PUNA, the privacy policies and terms and conditions of the relevant website(s) will be valid. It is strongly recommended that the user reads the privacy policy and terms and conditions on the relevant websites, which the user visits through PUNA.

13-PUNA reserves all rights to amend all or any kind of information stated in this Privacy Policy.

14-The user or the visitor by entering this website declares, agrees and undertakes all terms and conditions stated herein and any amendments thereto.

15-This Privacy Policy has been drafted both in English and in Turkish. In case of an inconsistency between the translations the Turkish version shall prevail.