Q&A Studio and HEYTEA Unveil Innovative Tea Store "Tea City"

Q&A Studio has announced the unveiling of their latest venture together with the brand HEYTEA, a captivating window store concept titled “Tea City”, inspired by the urban grid of Beijing and using innovative recycled tea leaves panels as main material.

Situated in the heart of Beijing’s historic Xidan area, this project represents a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, paying homage to the area’s rich heritage while offering a glimpse into the future of retail design.

History of Xidan started in Ming Dynasty. Goods from other places got transported into the inner city through this area and it became a place popular with marketplaces. Xidan’s illustrious history, dating back to the Ming Dynasty, provides a compelling backdrop for the project.

Once a bustling hub for goods transportation and vibrant marketplaces, Xidan’s urban grid continues to define its unique character.

Drawing inspiration from this distinctive layout, the facade panels of “Tea City” are strategically positioned to mimic the intricate network of streets and alleyways, creating a visually striking display that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding architectural landscape.

At the heart of the design concept lies the innovative use of recycled tea leaves, a testament to both sustainability and the area’s deep-rooted tea culture. Tea recycled leaves panels are made through a meticulous process that begins with collecting and drying used tea leaves, carefully sorted and processed.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these eco-friendly panels not only evoke the essence of Xidan’s heritage but also engage the senses, emitting the soothing aroma of tea as visitors approach the window store. This sensory experience serves as a subtle reminder of the tranquility that awaits within—a brief respite from the chaos of urban life.

“Tea City” transcends the traditional confines of a retail space, morphing into an unofficial market architectural installation. Its dynamic design invites visitors to immerse themselves in a world where past and present converge, where fleeting moments give way to lasting connections. Here, customers are not merely patrons; they are participants in a shared experience—a celebration of community and culture.

As patrons step through the doors of Hey Tea’s Xidan store, they are greeted not only by the tantalizing aroma of freshly brewed tea but also by the promise of a fleeting moment of tranquility—a sanctuary amidst the chaos, a haven for the soul.

Project Information
Design: Q&A Studio
Design Team: Gianmaria Quarta, Michele Armando, Lorenzo Trucato, Xinyi You
Client: Shenzhen Meixixi Food and Beverage Management Co., Ltd.
Location: Beijing (China)
Built Area: 47 sqm
Completion: January 2024
Photographer: Provided by HeyTea team