Age 29


Designed by Mehmet Eroğlu, Age 29 is a compact place that incorporates the local flavors of Turkey in Yeniköy. Although it is a small place, it offers a variety of products due to its concept. You can buy all the ingredients you taste on their menu, including sourdough bread, cheese varieties, olive oil, honey, coffee, granola, and even custom-made ceramic mugs where you sip your hot coffee. To accommodate all these functions spatially, the space is designed to work compactly, reflecting its concept.

For the guests not to miss out on the beautiful air of Yeniköy, a seating area was designed in front of the door by setting the façade back more than the original layout. The light and natural tones add spaciousness and serenity to the space. In the summary niche just to the left of the entrance, all the products of the shop are summarized.

The large mirror coating adds depth to this small space. Using the advantage of the ceiling height and the dead spaces on the sides of the façade, the storage needs, which are the biggest needs for small spaces, have been solved without being noticeable to the guests.


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