Duo Workshop Beauty Salon


Designed by Riccardo Rubelli Architetto, the beauty salon is located in one of the busy districts of Shanghai, China. The office describes the project as follows:

Duo Workshop provides a balanced and harmonious space for every customer seeking relaxation and professional beauty treatments. We were commissioned to design a 170 sqm space, introducing a mezzanine to maximize the use of the space.

We organized the project into two spacious blocks separated by a wall with a characteristic sequence of arches. The first part is a double-height space which houses a reception counter, waiting area, hands treatment desks and room for facial treatments. The intimate treatment rooms, restrooms and other private functions are located in the second block, which is located deep inside the premises and consists of two levels. Both levels are connected by a light metal staircase, the wall of which is made of perforated sheet metal.

The arches of the main interior wall both create rhythm and provide natural light to the treatment rooms located on the second floor. A similar sequence of arches appears on the external fa├žade, creating a coherent relationship between the outside and the inside of the salon.

We have used many solutions that divide the space functionally, but not visually: glazing, walls made of perforated sheet metal, and fabric curtains. All this allows to adjust privacy to the customer's needs and the type of service. Additionally, the curtains improve the acoustics of the double-height space.

Our approach to this project was based on a soft and minimalist language that helps soothe the senses. A color palette consisting of neutral tones (nude beige, white), natural materials materials (oak floor, terrazzo), rounded shapes, reflected and indirect light gave the impression of a clean, bright and comfortable space. Black elements in the form of geometric designer lamps or rounded curtain rods for curtains introduce a subtle contrast and discreet elegance.