Talu Textile Showroom


Located in Bağcılar, Talu Textile Showroom is designed by XYZ Design in 2022. The office describes the project as follows:

Spreading on the 6th floor of the Talu Tekstil Headquarters building, the project's scope is to create a functional and transparent showroom where the brand can come together with customers and offer them the opportunity to experience the products.

The design approach in the 1,000-square-meter project with a rectangular plan scheme is arranged to create a space that offers continuity by flowing into each other instead of creating spaces separated by sharp boundaries. In this sense, the space is intended to be perceivable and experienceable from many points. At the same time, the simple and calm approach to colour and material preferences is the result of creating a background for the products exhibited.

In the entrance area of the showroom, a spatial approach is adopted by a counter welcoming the users and directing them to the lobby. Inside, in contrast to the neutral colour palette that dominates the overall space, users are welcomed by a platform in red tones that attracts the users' attention in the first place and a "new collection" display unit designed bespoke for the project in green terrazzo material. In the continuation of the area, a spatial organisation is conceived that brings the users back to the starting point by taking them through the route designed with organic forms and can be hosted on the terrace area or exit the space.

The sample fabric area and women's and men's showroom sections which are separate but interrelated, are designed around a circular glass volume defined as a meeting room which offers partial privacy by isolating it from the space. The storage, dressing cabin and photo studio, which are arranged for functional needs, are also planned in relationship with these areas.

In the lounge & terrace area of the showroom, a design approach with calm tones and organic forms is embraced as well as the atmosphere wrapped by plants is aimed to offer guests a comfortable and pleasant spatial experience.

In the project where neutral tones are preferred, the spatial fluidity created with circular and curved forms is complemented with glass and wood materials to create a spacious, dynamic and continuous showroom.


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