Rita Clinic


Designed by Slash Architects, Rita Clinic is a 575-square-meter beauty and hair transplant facility situated in Istanbul. The clinic features five hair transplant operating rooms, four cosmetic rooms, as well as additional facilities including a cozy café space. The office describes the project as follows:

Inspired by the Zen philosophy and Japanese architecture, our initial focus was on crafting a space that mirrors tranquility, modesty, and simplicity in which the architectural journey becomes a narrative guided by the inherent wisdom of nature. Organic forms are employed, mimicking nature not solely for their shape but also to introduce fresh perspectives and angles, encouraging an ingenious way of experiencing the space.

The quest for a harmonious blend of stability and fluidity guided our material choices. Deliberately selecting materials like the comforting textures of sand and the timeless allure of natural stones aimed not only to evoke comfort but also to establish an overarching sense of stability in the clinic's ambiance. In the pursuit of visual equilibrium and a hint of contrast, the seamless integration of a gentle flow of bluish water takes center stage. The dynamic interplay of its movement, coupled with the crystal-clear clarity of its form, creates an environment that emanates serenity.

From the outset, the incorporation of the blue water theme is noticeable in an artistic piece – the reception desk – collaboratively crafted with a sculptor artist. Furthermore, this blue theme is echoed in lighting elements and art pieces across the entire space, even in unexpected places like the ceiling of the restroom.

Given its nature as a clinic, sterile materials and finishes have been employed, including surfaces without baseboards or seamless flooring materials to enhance hygiene, such as no skirting boards or groutless floor materials.

Clients visit here to transform into their desired selves, with a hint of stress, of course. Yet, our goal as designers is to shift this sensation to a therapeutic, healing, and relaxing experience. It's not just a mechanical space; it's a living interior with a healing and therapeutic effect, where you naturally trust and feel yourself.

This place emanates a dreamy atmosphere, aiming to disconnect people from the outside world and immerse them in the present moment with full awareness through unique forms, surprising angles, and art pieces. The art elements extend beyond sculptures or wall paintings; they are further enhanced by Japanese flower art, introducing an additional layer of aesthetic depth to the space.


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