Designed by Archpoint, Rebecca is a cafe - restaurant, located in Moscow, Russia. Valery Lizunov and Sona Gamzyan from Archpoint, describe the project as follows:

The atmosphere of the new Rebecca cafe, recently opened in Moscow’s Khamovniki district in a modern residential complex, resembles the spirit of a Parisian cafe opened by representatives of the Jewish community. The French charm is felt in the interior, but the name of the place, Rebecca, has a Hebrew origin.

Chef Grigory Chunikhin, known for the Lino Bistro and Cutfish projects, is responsible for the food. In the morning the cozy brasserie invites guests for a coffee and pastries, and in the evening – for a delicious dinner with a glass of wine in a warm interior. The menu does not have a clear reference to the cuisine of a particular country, there are only light references. For example, a French baguette or a piece of the traditional Jewish challah bread can make a good pair for any dish here.

Entering the brasserie, you expect to see a minimalistic interior with shiny surfaces, but instead you find yourself in an unexpectedly cozy atmosphere, embodied among high ceilings and concrete walls. Archpoint bureau worked on architectural and design solutions and harmoniously combined the motifs of a French bakery and minimalism in the interior.

The walls in the cafe are finished with decorative plaster, their color echoes the neutral floor and the ceiling. Coziness and warmth are created due to the color palette of furniture and decor made from natural materials. The facade of the long bar counter is made of veneer, the countertop is made of natural white marble. All tables are made of wood according to the drawings of the architects, as are the mirror frames on the walls and the cupboard with glass doors at the entrance. Associations with life and freshness are also created by potted plants and a large tree branch in the corner, suspended from the ceiling.

Vintage restored chairs and armchairs of different shapes and types, as if bought at a flea market in Europe, give the hall a special charm of home comfort.

Two classic seating options are available for the guests – on the chairs at tables or on a long soft light gray sofa along the wall. These two zones are compositionally separated by a large wooden cabinet-station for dishes. Wine glasses are placed on its shelves and countertop, reflecting light and giving the room special elegance.

The special pride of the brasserie is its own bakery. The aroma of fresh pastries and coffee lures locals and passing pedestrians to come inside. The bakery theme in the interior is reflected in the wooden details in the shade of a bread crust and the author's painting with a girl, a glass of wine and a crispy baguette. The architects decided to separate the kitchen from the hall with a glass partition, so guests can track the path of a fresh croissant to their table.

During the day the light enters the brasserie through the large floor-to-ceiling windows, and in the evening a chamber atmosphere is created – the accent lighting lights up above the tables, under which food and wine in clinking glasses acquire a particularly rich taste.

Rebecca has an atmosphere of a European brasserie that combines a bakery with a bar and restaurant. This is both a fashionable and democratic place that will warmly welcome guests for breakfast, lunch or dinner. A guest should come here for the pleasant atmosphere of a trendy Parisian cafe with history, which offers an exquisite menu, delicious drinks and fragrant pastries.