Renaissance for the Unfortunate?


To see contemporary people inside historic buildings is a confusion we get used to rapidly.

In historical surroundings, we swiftly grow accustomed to seeing buses, electric poles or traffic lights.

However, when I saw someone sitting on the steps of this early Renaissance orphanage with a "carry-on luggage" alongside, "sending her location" to the person who should pick her up, my habits vanished for a while.

In the pinnacle of technology and progress, will we too experience the fate of that Renaissance soul who turned back again to meaning and virtue? Today.

Will we be able to fundamentally transform the immorality caused by the system with all of our communication means, or will we once again attempt to conceal it through secret passages?

Will the sole measure of our accomplishments be traced through our processes or on our facades?

Will the virtue sprout in our laws that do not need acts of charity, or this time, will we leave philanthropy to the lobbyists instead of guilds?

Ospedale degli Innocenti (Florence, 2018) © Çağlar Ongan


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