I was born in Adana, Türkiye in 1995. In 2002, we got internet connection at our home, which provided me with the opportunity to engage with various fields of design and art. When I enrolled at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2013, architectural photography also became an integral part of my pursuits.

Experiencing a space in its physical location holds multiple dimensions. On the other hand, when working with photographs, I have a reflex to distill them into the ideal emotion one wishes to remember. The concept that photographs can evoke everything that crosses the mind while seeking the perfect frame is something I hope will never end.


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  • Architecture Bathe

    For vitamin D, sun bathe twice a week, for inspiration, eye bathe a little each day, for tiredness, foam bathe once a month... On this deck where high-speed train lines intersect and even higher-speed planes pass by...

  • Renaissance for the Unfortunate?

    To see contemporary people inside historic buildings is a confusion we get used to rapidly. In historical surroundings, we swiftly grow accustomed to seeing buses, electric poles or traffic lights.

  • Countable Things

    You count the things that are countable. You only see with your eyes. You only possess with your touch. Indeed, all your beautiful words are a lump in my throat. All the things you lay before me are nothing like embroidered cloths; they, day by day, resemble curtains of gray fog.