• Countable Things

    You count the things that are countable. You only see with your eyes. You only possess with your touch. Indeed, all your beautiful words are a lump in my throat. All the things you lay before me are nothing like embroidered cloths; they, day by day, resemble curtains of gray fog.

  • Mind Map of History

    The sun tells a different story every moment with its own cycle on the wall it touches. The wall goes beyond being a physical boundary and becomes a mind map that reveals the interactions of time and culture.

  • Renaissance for the Unfortunate?

    To see contemporary people inside historic buildings is a confusion we get used to rapidly. In historical surroundings, we swiftly grow accustomed to seeing buses, electric poles or traffic lights.

  • Architecture Bathe

    For vitamin D, sun bathe twice a week, for inspiration, eye bathe a little each day, for tiredness, foam bathe once a month... On this deck where high-speed train lines intersect and even higher-speed planes pass by...