Plaza Cubes


The interior design project by Normal showcases a collaboration of five years with the co-working industry firm Plaza Cubes, a prominent player in the coworking industry in Turkey and abroad. The project is centered around a spacious multi-office area within Istanbul's iconic Ferko Signature building, spanning over 2400 square meters.

The space, previously an art gallery, brings unique beauty and a few challenges. One major challenge was the limited natural light, which required substantial efforts to ensure ideal lighting and a comfortable workspace for employees.

The project also had to navigate difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, impacting material procurement and dealing with hyperinflation. Despite these obstacles, the project was successfully completed through dedicated efforts. The project stands out for its meticulous selection of high-quality materials, enriching various aspects from flooring to white-lit glass panels and elegant velvet curtains. This resulted in an atmosphere that pays respect to the gallery's artistic past while embracing the identity of a modern coworking space.

Spread across 2,400 square meters, this workspace offers a spacious, dynamic environment, providing a creative and functional workspace for corporate entities and contemporary professionals.


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