Sidera | CIA Conad Headquarters


Designed by tissellistudioarchitetti, the headquarters is located in Forlì, Italy. The office describes the project as follows:

The Sidera building (a new CIA Conad headquarters), a symbol of sustainability and innovation, is strategically located on the outskirts of Forlì. It's a response to the bland industrial landscape, offering a design that prioritizes flexibility and environmental consciousness. The building's exterior, a blend of aluminium, concrete, and glass, reflects the changing light, creating a dynamic visual effect. Its pitched roof and skylights engage in dialogue with the Apennine skyline, while the interior design, influenced by neuro-architecture, ensures optimal working conditions.

The Sidera's design is a narrative of creativity and functionality, with large staircases and communal spaces that encourage interaction and foster a sense of community. The building's layout, with its alternating spatial compressions and expansive surfaces, creates a unique architectural experience that promotes well-being and productivity.

Surrounding the building, 300 trees and 22,000 plants contribute to a greener, more pleasant environment, countering the industrial setting. The Sidera's presence is a gift to the area, enhancing the quality of life for the cooperative's employees and visitors alike.

The building's sustainability features are noteworthy, with a 1.2 MW photovoltaic system installed to cover energy needs. This commitment to sustainability extends to the building's design, which incorporates choices that reduce consumption and environmental impact. The Sidera stands as a testament to the cooperative's dedication to responsible and innovative design, making it a landmark in the region.

In summary, the Sidera building is not just a workplace but a statement of human-centric design and environmental responsibility. It's a structure that embodies the cooperative's values, transforming the industrial outskirts of Forlì into a hub of innovation and sustainability. With its thoughtful design and commitment to the well-being of its occupants.