Living Layers

Designed by Batlle I Roig Arquitectes in Spain, the Insects Hotel is an artificial shelter and a hibernating place for insects and arachnids made with natural materials

The Insects Hotel consists of a divided structure of several sections with nesting facilities. Vulnerable species such as the solitary bee can settle into it to develop and reproduce in a secure space. The hotel is a practical and economical way to help preserve the endangered insects due to human activities like farming and deforestation. Many of this species play a key role in the ecosystem for its pollinating activity and for being parasite predators.

The Insect Hotel solidifies biodiversity of a space. In the Parc Vallmora, the Hotel improves the quality and the health of the park because the butterflies, bees, dragonflies and other little beings are beneficial for the plants. The presence of daytime butterflies works as a good indicative of it. Also, this is a great pedagogical tool as it allows children and adults to observe closely the live cycle of some creatures which are difficult to find in nature. It also allows collecting data about some little known species for scientific purpose. Therefore, it is ideal as a city park attraction.