Designed by Zooco Estudio, Humo is a smoked paprika store located in Madrid, Spain. The office describes the project as follows:

The idea is to create a smoked paprika store as a flagship store and develop its own brand.

Paprika from La Vera stands out for being dried and smoked with oak and holm oak wood for 8 to 10 days. This will be the leitmotiv of our project.

The store is intended to be a workshop where everyone is able to understand the process of elaboration of paprika and its history.

For this we take the reference of the wood used for the smoking process. These tree trunks are represented as vertical cylinders that by addition generate all the circular displays of the place. These circles are presented as voids in the wooden ceiling to house the lighting of the store.

The store is just 24 m2, so we decided to generate a mirror that splits all the counters and voids in the ceiling in two. Thus, through its reflection, it duplicates our semicircles completing the image of the store. Finally, a stone floor, and whitewashed walls complete the traditional image of the store.