Expanding in Folds

Tri-fold is designed by Alper Derinboğaz, the co-founder of Salon Architects, for the lobby space of İstanbul’s Volkswagen Arena. The project combines three architectural forms in one design by merging the functions of a suspended roof, wall space and a seating structure

The Tri-fold designed for the lounge of the Volkswagen Arena, reveals a dynamic narrative starting from the ceiling of the lobby down to the interior wall surface and finally down to the floor that at the same time provides a powerful experience of space for its users through an interactive and fluid impact. Alper Derinboğaz, the head of Salon, combines his architectural design with technology in Tri-Fold which is not only a modern installation with its dynamic form that directs spatial movement and its interactive narration integrated to three monitors, but also serving as a seat and an architectural piece integrated with the whole space.

TRI-FOLD, SALON ARCHITECTS, İstanbul, Alper Derinboğaz, Büşra Yeltekin
photographs: büşra yeltekin

Tri-Fold is developed a solution to the guiding problem of the Volkswagen Arena’s lobby space and narrated it as an interactive multi-touch monitor lounge where guests can have spend time before and after the events. The Volkswagen Arena project is a result of the cooperation with Antilop Media Design Agency where custom-made contents produced exclusively for the Volkswagen Arena are broadcasted on the monitors to add a feature of interactivity to the installation. Integrated to three monitors around it, Tri-Fold is located to refer to the three basic movements of the installation and thus inter-connection of the installation is provided.

Tri-fold is a corner design which serves as a sitting unit, suspended ceiling and an interior wall surface at the same time. Its structural application was made possible by Magari Masif. A cold material, plywood, is converted into a warm atmosphere with waffle method to control the direction of the space.

“Rather than choosing to become the star of the space, Tri-Fold reveals its existence in quality and also refers to the concept of the space by establishing a dialogue with the same,” said Derinboğaz, describing the value added to lobby space by Tri-Fold.