Rawsters Coffee & Supply Co.

With a bold approach, Wangan created the new concept of Rawsters based on the charm of contrasts.

The second coffee shop of Rawsters is located in Akmerkez which is one of the most well-known malls in the city. While the light pink palladian terrazzo floor composed of traditional white marble, the maroon back wall color and the plywood secondary layer with curvy lines express warmness and femininity, the stainless-steel coffee bar and shelves with sharp edges and the bold navy-blue façade express coolness and masculinity. Since the façade of the mall is in greyish tones even the coffee shop itself is a contrast to the building with its navy-blue façade. The design and the usage of the colors endeavour to express adversity, dynamism and rebellion with a strong visual identity.

Previously, this 35 m2 area used to be the storage area of the shopping mall. After the demolition of the storage, the bearing wall close to the façade was cladded with the plywood curvilinear layer to create a graphics display area that consists of 60 clipping boards to be changed in monthly routine. To use the tight area efficiently, the secondary curvy plywood layer is also designed to be hidden cabinets for the storage of the coffee shop.

Many details such as the door handle and fixed seating unit are designed and manufactured particularly for the new concept. The loose furnitures such as the armchairs and the sofa used in the new concept are from Wangan’s outdoor furniture line; Punto collection.