A Refuge in Córdoba


In a terrain with a steep slope and vast vegetation located in the heart of Cordoba, we find this small refuge, designed by STC Arquitectos that respects the characteristics of the natural soil and preserves the existing flora without altering the mountain landscape.

Disused materials were recovered, processed in the workshop and transferred to the site for assembly, the choice of materials and finishes combine technological sustainability with a strong adaptation to the local climate and low environmental impact.

The leading idea is defined based on three elements that solve the project:
• The large metal roof that generates a light ceiling that protects the house as a double rooftop, covering the circulation area and the galleries.
• A metal prism with mobile closures that solve the program (kitchen-dining room, bathroom and bedroom)
• A raised wooden platform, to save the field changes, materialized with grooved boards of recovered eucalyptus, which were brushed for reuse.

The structure was solved by using 3” oil pipes, cold-rolled metal profiles recovered from demolitions, as well as the machimbrated wooden boards that cover the entire floor. In the equipment, UPN and IPN lags of different sizes were used, reinforced concrete counters executed on site, recycled postigon interior doors and the openings were made with scraps of structural pipes.

All exterior cladding, both vertical and horizontal, were worked with sinusoidal metal sheets recovered from an old field shed, while cement and plaster plates were installed inside.

The project pursues an awareness speech about recycling, proposing a sustainable solution that reuses different materials based on an austere, economic and easy-to-maintain architecture that adapts to the conditions of the site.


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