Sille Primary School


Designed by Teğet Architecture, Sille Primary School is located 8 km northwest of Konya city center in Sille, an old Greek-Ottoman village which was almost completely abandoned and destroyed during the population exchange. The school follows the traces of a historical Han that existed almost 100 years ago on the same plot.

It is an informal reconstruction project. It is located on a slope on the east bank of the stream that continues along the valley. The simple and strict geometry of the stone is stretched by the flexible structure of the wood. Traditional wooden walls are positioned differently to create large and small volumes.

The central courtyard is surrounded by a zig-zag shaped arcade. The corridors overlooking this courtyard provide both a recess and a preparation area for students. Sille School, with both its tectonic expression and education program, is a step towards the rehabilitation of the local fabric that has been melting since the 1900s.

The building, which provides the latest requirements with a reference to a historical building, and designed with both traditional and contemporary techniques, aims to establish a dialogue between the past and the present.