ROBBiverse, a Metaphysical Space Created by Q&A

There’s a mysterious figure in a rabbit helmet who has just landed in Shanghai. Q&A was asked to design a metaphysical space to host him in this terrestrial experience.

The temporary exhibition in Shanghai, named ROBBiverse, showcases some of the most iconic collaborations between ROBBi and a variety of well-known domestic and international brands, all of which are inspired by the ancient Chinese mythology story of a rabbit living on the moon called Yùtù. Yùtù is a significant figure in Chinese mythology and folklore, often depicted as a companion of the moon goddess Chang’e. The story goes that Yùtù pounds herbs into medicine for the goddess while residing on the moon.

ROBBi, a popular collectible toy among Chinese millennials and Gen Z, draws inspiration from this mythology with their rabbit-like appearance and enigmatic, space-faring persona. ROBBi is a mystery to all, as no one knows what lies inside their aerospace helmet. However, their striking resemblance to a rabbit has made them a favorite for brand collaborations, especially during the Year of the Rabbit in the lunar calendar. The timing and location of the project also coincides with the important anniversary of Heatherwick’s iconic building, 1000 Trees.

To create a truly immersive and otherworldly experience for visitors, Q&A designed a metaphysical room that blends tangible and imaginary elements.

The space features a rigid grid on the ground mixed with organic elements like rocks and mosses, creating a dreamlike moment for visitors. This tension between different materialities momentarily detaches visitors from the reality of the shopping mall where the exhibition is located.

The facade of the room is covered in a single shiny material that gives the sensation of an alien object, which has just landed from space to show us a completely new world.

The intention of the space is to serve a higher purpose than being just fun and playful. Instead, it invites people to explore, like an art exhibition or a museum, and emphasizes the mystery of ROBBiverse.

ROBBi’s world is both physical and virtual, blending fantasy and reality. The dichotomy between the two has been the starting point for Q&A’s concept design, and the resulting exhibition is a unique and captivating experience that would be of interest to a wide range of visitors, including art enthusiasts, collectors, and those who appreciate creative design.