LEFTOVER: Artistic Exploration of Industrial Remains


Buşra Tunç's solo exhibition LEFTOVER, which is the output of her research in a medium-scale mass-produced industrial complex that she approaches as an excavation site, continues at Fener Evleri 2 exhibition space.

This research, which Tunç has been conducting for a long time, includes industrial environments such as metalworking workshops, paint shops, and mass production plastic injection workshops, where all traces of time and material are observed in architecture, human bodies, and psychology. The paint dust, metal burrs, oxidation, sawdust and waste that make up the landscapes of the production workshops behave like geological structures that accumulate over time, pointing to a continuity of production that tries to resist decay and entropy on the one hand and to resist it on the other.

The exhibition LEFTOVER deals with the found objects of industrial archaeology, industrial ruins, the atmospheres of workshops, and the wastes that emerge during the production process. It explores the aesthetics and unthinkable possibilities of the material, as well as the losses that come with the "mistakes" of the disposable parts that break away from the raw material. These parts are intended to take the form of the object the material is transforming into, but cannot be transformed into a product due to production errors. The exhibition examines where the “leftover” goes, in which production cycles it is re-included, and how it creates its own economy and sociology. These themes are shaped around the ideas of invisible labor, disrupted time, and lost matter.

Tunç uses the lower floor of the exhibition space as a machine room where the machine that produces waste operates. The video content includes fragments from processes such as taking the raw material, injecting it, and pouring it into the mold during the machine's operation. This video work, which follows the coordinates of the machine in its placement, looks for connections with the human body in the vibrations, tremors, jolts, clamping, and opening of the machine parts it shows. The production waste that settles in the circulation area of the space and the rubber waste poured over the construction Tunç has built to create an experimental landscape in the main space are examples of the clunky materials she uses in her work. These materials question the normative contexts and functions that determine our daily lives.

About the artist
The concept of “Atmosphere” is the focal point in the works of architect and artist Buşra Tunç, who creates works focused on perception and experience in space. Tunç's atmospheres design the viewer's relationship with space as a direct element of the work and are based on experience. Industrial and everyday materials used outside of their function, optical units that change the scale, and analog instruments that exhibit digital appearances are the main elements that stand out throughout her works. The materials used often contain traces, remnants, and memories of industrial spaces and crowded cities, and when reconstructed in different fictions, they still carry these traces.

Exhibition Codex
LEFTOVER (FIRE), 2024 Buşra Tunç Curator: Ekmel Ertan
Photo concepts and video shootings: Emirkan Cörüt
Location: Fener Evleri 2, Çukur Mescit Sk. No:23, 34083 Date: April 28 - June 28, 2024