HEYTEA - Longhua Store


Designed by Quarta & Armando Studio (Q&A Studio), the Longhua Store of tea drink brand HEYTEA is located in Shanghai, China. The office describes the project as follows:

In a groundbreaking partnership with HEYTEA, China's trailblazing tea drink brand, Q&A Studio unveils the Longhua Store in Shanghai - a space where history and innovation seamlessly converge, and nature melds with technology.

Founded in Shenzhen in 2012, HEYTEA quickly skyrocketed to become a trendsetter in China's beverage landscape, boasting over 1,000 locations in China alone, with a footprint expanding to Singapore and the UK. Known for its modern aesthetics and game-changing drink concoctions, the brand epitomizes contemporary lifestyle.

Nestled next to Shanghai's esteemed Longhua Temple, this newest store is more than just a retail space; it's a design haven. Extensive historical research and artistic reconstructions of the ancient temple and its surrounding waterscape served as the conceptual nucleus for Q&A Studio.

The store’s façade mirrors the undulating contours of the temple, as reflected in the long-lost river that once graced its perimeter. Artfully blending traditional shapes with modern materials—microcement and steel, concrete tiles, wood and neon lights—the design crafts a harmonious blend of antiquity and modernity, nature and man-made.

Touches of organic elements like tea leaves and wood accents pepper the space, infusing a sense of warmth and grounding the experience in the product's roots. Every inch of this oasis is meticulously designed, down to the last detail, embodying HEYTEA’s and Q&A Studio’s mutual ethos of groundbreaking design and customer-centric experiences.

Stepping into the Longhua Store you’re not just grabbing a tea—you’re stepping into a living tapestry of past, present, and future, meticulously woven by Q&A Studio.