Biological House

The Biological House is a pilot project demonstrating how local waste resources can be upcycled into valuable building components

The Biological House designed by Een Til Een is a first of its kind - a modern housing concept based on new digital technology and the application of high quality bio-based materials. Waste from the agricultural industry, are today being processed into materials that can replace wood products such as plywood and OSB.

The Biological House aims to be a showcase of the use and application of these new products in a complete and full functional home solution for the 21st century modern family. Exhibited at a prime location of the eco-park Biotope in Middelfart Denmark, the house demonstrates the frontier of bio-based building technology to an annual of 120,000 visitors.

Screwpile foundation
Strawboard and sea weed insulation

The biological house is built primarily from agricultural bi-products and demonstrates how local waste resources can be upcycled into valuable building components. The house aims to stimulate green and local economy with a unique building technology that can utilize the abundance of for example weat and rice straw, reed, hemp, flax, sea grass and other cellulose fibres.

The overall ambition of the project was to develop a modern housing concept, inspired by the Cradle to Cradle philosophy, using waste as a resource and thereby offering a solution to the inherent climate challenge and global housing crisis. By combing advanced digital manufacturing technology with 'upcycled agricultural bi-proudcts, The Biological House demonstrates how to build affordable, healthy and sustainable homes in a global context.


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