• Radical Heritages

    Invited by the Department of Interior Design at Istanbul Bilgi University, Prof. Graeme Brooker, Head of Interior Design at the Royal College of Art, London was in Istanbul for workshop and public talk. Looking at Radical Heritages, the workshop focused on a Han in EminönĂ¼, while the public talk at SALT Galata presented a broader overview and positioning for the future of interior design. Can Altay, Head of Interior Design at Istanbul Bilgi University, who hosted Brooker in Istanbul has interviewed him on how interior design, as a spatial discipline deals with the existing spaces, and its role in the future of the built environment (or the world as we know it).

  • The Bride's House or the Era of Hyper-Rituals

    Design is divided into two: the ones that deserve and the ones that do not deserve the seriousness of being a subject of design debates and criticisms.

  • Waking Up the Balcony