Traditional Space Practices of Kars at Rotterdam Architecture Biennale

The 10th Rotterdam Architecture Biennale will take place between 22 September - 13 November 2022 in the Port areas of Rotterdam. In the biennial exhibition themed "It's About Time", dung making, a traditional and spatial method of the South Caucasus, will take place with examples from Northeast Turkey, which is a part of the region.

Ecem Sarıçayır, Bart Feberwee and Hacer Bozkurt summarize their installation work titled “Soil and Fertilizer: Biotic Architecture of the Rural South Caucasus”, based on the examples in Kars:

The installation introduces a traditional spatial practice from northeastern Turkey, which is part of the historically and demographically diverse region of the South Caucasus. It presents a model of co-existence between the human, animal and plant worlds; it aims to document a practice disappearing under pressure from incorporation in global capitalism as well as past and present forms of homogenization of demographics, species, and products; and it suggests an approach to sustainability that takes into account the intersectionality of material, design and heritage. As part of IABR’s design attitude Ancestor, this project tells a story of indigenous living practices through the scene of the intricately constructed dung heap alongside the one-story flat earthen roof house characteristic of the South Caucasus.


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