Tête-à-Terra Unveiled at Dutch Design Week 2023

ATÖLYE announces the exhibition of its jointly created pavilion, Tête-à-Terra, in Eindhoven, Netherlands at Dutch Design Week starting October 21, 2023.


Tête-à-Terra will be located in Strijp-S area, Ketelhuisplein during the eight-day-long Dutch Design Week, a gathering that is all about the design of the future and the future of design.

Two independent walls stand opposite each other, articulating an intimate space for random encounters and an opportunity for pause. Made of earth bricks, a material created by combining unique soils of Cappadocia, Türkiye, with waste fragments from ceramic production, the pavilion’s primary objective is to cultivate an environment that encourages meaningful human interactions. In a world increasingly driven by progress and technological advancements, the pavilion invites us to pause and reconnect with the natural world, serving as a sanctuary where individuals can find solace, groundedness, and support.

The project itself came from a series of conversations and ambitions shared amongst the three partners, ATÖLYE Architecture, Mono Earth and Kalebodur. Güray Oskay, Director of Architecture at ATÖLYE says that the piece will create more awareness around the change to sustainable practices within our reach. “We can turn back, look at heritage, how we have been creating building materials for centuries, and create new approaches to it, be environmentally clever and reduce our carbon footprint.”

Tête-à-Terra explores how the existing connection between architecture and natural surroundings reflect our shared past, and conveys the urgent need to realize the potential of regenerative design and reevaluate priorities around sustainability and fairness from a global and local lens.

Tête-à-Terra will be on exhibit for the entirety of Dutch Design Week. To learn more about its origin, the process, and the partners visit atolye.io/tete-a-terra


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