Restaurante Martín Berasetegui


mecanismo, directed by Marta Urtasun and Pedro Rica, has built a new and innovative room for the Restaurante Martín Berasetegui in Lasarte-Oria awarded with three Michelin stars. The study reaffirms its relationship with haute cuisine with this unique space that integrates gastronomy and nature.

The innovative character that characterizes Martin Berasategui and his creations, together with the natural environment that surrounds the restaurant, were fundamental elements that guided the nature of the project, which as the main conditioner found its deadline because it had to be built during the three months that the restaurant is closed.

The project was proposed as a roof adapted to the complex geometry of the site. Supported on three points, it is formed by a network of curved wooden beams of one meter of edge that generates a surface that reaches a different height at each point, giving rise to a completely transparent space beneath it.

The execution was a great challenge since it was difficult to find a company that would assume the complexity of manufacturing and installing the elements in such a limited period, although it was finally achieved.

All the architectural elements that complete the project also strictly follow the curvilinear geometry established by the roof, so its manufacture had to be exhaustive in order that everything would fit during installation in situ as if it were a puzzle.

The vertical enclosure of glass that surrounds the contour of the volume is conceived as a light, transparent and folding element in its frontal part, which allows connecting the room with the exterior area of the restaurant, integrating it in the natural space.

Between the new space and the existing building, a "post-kitchen" was built in order to store utensils. In addition, the studio designed furniture to support the service of the entire restaurant, where different types of support furniture and gueridons stand out in order to facilitate and streamline the work of the staff in the room.

Rica says: "the precise definition of each one of the elements of the project has been fundamental so that the execution could adapt to the term."

"This project has been a big challenge due to the little margin of time we had to do it and the geometric complexity of each of the architectural elements", explains Urtasun.