Radisson Blu Hotel Kaş


Designed by Yeşim Kozanlı Architecture, Radisson Blu Hotel Kaş, is located in Antalya, Turkiye. The office describes the project as follows:

The design of Radisson Blu Hotel, located in Kaş, a district in the west of Antalya known for its turquoise sea, natural beauty and historical heritage, is inspired by the topography and cultural context of the region. The region's deep-rooted history dating back to 3000 BC and examples of monumental and civil architecture ranging from the famous ancient city of Antiphellos to the historic Lycian granaries directly influenced the architectural and interior design of Radisson Blu Hotel. Structural elements used in traditional buildings such as natural stone façades, Ottoman tiles and wooden joinery were transferred to the project in a modern and functional way. An accommodation experience in the comfort of home, where hotel guests will feel special and comfortable, was determined as one of the primary needs that shaped the design. It was aimed to create spaces where guests would not be separated from green, nature and simplicity, where they could find the opportunity to socialize in common areas and have experiences beyond hotel accommodation.

The result is an accommodation center with an architectural line that respects the region, a low-rise mass with large areas, a simple design and a human scale. It is possible to feel the local colors and textures of the region intensely in the interior and exterior spaces of the project where the natural climate characteristics of the geography are used. In the project where earth tones are predominantly used, the environmental landscape effects were maximized and the continuity of the connection with nature was ensured.

Elements such as lighting, acoustics and air quality were carefully considered to increase the comfort of the interiors. Natural stone floors and surfaces covered with handmade special ceramics were maintained with a design philosophy inspired by nature. Glass facades and sliding panels, which provide easy transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, allow the peaceful rhythm of nature to be carried indoors. Inside the hotel, there are modern artworks decorated with traditional motifs. The restaurant showcases the gastronomic richness of Kaş with modern presentations of local flavors.

The walls were covered with the traditional "village plaster" technique, which was brought to life with the knowledge passed down through generations. This plaster not only aesthetically reflects the essence of Kaş, but also provides natural insulation. Earth tones support this naturalness and add warmth to the rooms, while the blend of these tones with a modern design creates a tranquil atmosphere. The guest rooms and suites are spacious and comfortable, and the color palette and texture choices are in harmony with nature. Guests feel the spirit of Kaş deeply in these rooms while enjoying modern comfort.

The hotel's outdoor areas are planted with native trees and plants that reflect the flora of Kaş. The poolside areas and outdoor sushi bar are ideal places to feel the breeze of the region. Separators that effectively separate the sunny and shaded areas allow the inside-outside relationship to be experienced at every point. Equipped with natural materials and creating a peaceful and energetic atmosphere, the spa aims to offer a relaxing escape to its customers. The hotel also acts with the principle of sustainability: It adopts waste management, energy conservation and water conservation practices to preserve the natural beauty of Kaş and minimize environmental damage.

Radisson Blu Hotel Kaş was planned by Yeşim Kozanlı Architecture, not only as a hotel, but also as an experience space where the spirit, history and nature of Kaş can be felt and experienced. The design of the hotel, which promises its guests not only to discover the unique beauties of Kaş, but also to touch the story of the city and become one with it, was handled with an understanding that respects the history, culture and natural richness of Kaş in a way that makes its guests feel the idea of "I am new but I am from here" in every area.