Development of a Master Plan for Grozny in the Chechen Republic

Chechen Republic is located in the North Caucuses region within the Russian Federation. A sparsely populated territory of 16.100 square kilometers spans several climate belts, from desert to flatlands to mountain peaks, alpine meadows to perennial snowfields, and is rich in mineral and water resources.

Architectural heritage includes astonishing castles and cable-braced bridges poised atop mountain peaks and among cliffs on dizzying heights, undamaged for centuries. Purely decorative mosaics and frescos on their walls juxtapose stone lace, wood carving and entresol which performed function of shock absorbers during devastating earthquakes. They represent a model of coexistence once negotiated between man and nature, and serve a well of knowledge of ancient engineers and craftsmen, the vaiknaks, to tap from.

Grozny, the capital city of the Chechen Republic, is located in a valley 80 kilometers north of the main range of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, alongside the River Sounzha, a right-bank tributary of the Terek, in a position of a geostrategic value to Russia.

Throughout 200 years of its history, the city has alternately been an outpost, a ground for fierce battles, a railroad hub, a performance excellence champion in oil and petrochemical industries, machine manufacturing, and agri-food production. In early 2000 the city, guided by new leadership, embarked on a path of economic upgrade. A strong demand for peace within the society, consolidated by good governance and steady funding have worked miracles for Grozny, which re-emerged as a cultural and economic center of the North Caucuses in just under 20 years.

An open call for master planning Grozny was launched on March 29, 2023. The action is supported by the Government of the Chechen Republic, Grozny Mayor Office and DOM.RF, a Russian federal government program operator for sustainable urban development.

The site covers 360 square kilometers and includes both the city and the municipal okrug.

The Prize Pool is 20 Million Ruble.

Deadline for submission of applications is May 19.

Applications from international urban design bureaus are accepted electronically at the competition website, available in Russian and English languages. The website also features the Statement of Work, the Jury panel, the Expert Council, and the competition timeline.

On May 31 the Jury will select three finalists, who will continue working on strategic urban planning, calibrating their ideas for technical adjustments from the Expert Council.

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