Casa Alma


Casa Alma, designed by STGO Studio is located in Santa Fe, Argentina. The office describes the project as follows:

The property, located in a wooded area within the city of Funes, contains several mature specimens, a swimming pool, and a house from the 1960s, which was demolished to make way for the needs of its owners.

The project addresses the design of a weekend residence for different family members, which will remain closed most of the time, enhancing its outdoor use.

Based on these premises, the aim is to create a close relationship between the inhabitants and the surroundings. To achieve this, the house is positioned at the core of the property, without affecting any existing trees and maximizing the views.

The architectural form consists of a visible concrete structure that houses the interior program. Recessed glass panels create large galleries along its perimeter, allowing winter sunlight to enter while controlling it during summer. This approach ensures that private spaces remain centered while social areas have a closer connection to the exterior.

The use of a grille as a compositional and aesthetic element in the house is due to the fact that the residence remains unoccupied for extended periods, allowing a continuous influx of light.