AR 255 House


Designed by Blending Dots Arquitectos & Arq. Rogelio A. Castillo, the house is located in the "Argenta residential" subdivision in Zapopan, Jalisco. The office describes the project as follows:

The land adjoins part of the ravine that is part of "Cañadas". Therefore, it has a privileged view at the back of the house.

The context and topography were part of the conceptual process; highlighting the rear slope to achieve double height and utilizing the views towards the back.

After developing a contextual study of the area and ensuring there are no elements and constructions of a significant nature that could impact the conceptual development of the home, we decided to start with functional aspects that would determine the form of our proposal, as well as the orientation and views that could generate openings. Our main axis for deciding the location of the spaces was undoubtedly the rear view, where we see a large void of the surrounding hills.

The architectural program does not go beyond the needs of an everyday home, which is why our work is reflected in the distribution, spaciousness of the spaces and the materiality with sober and elegant elements.

The main idea is to prioritize the views towards the rear ravines, which is why large windows are generated. Materials with the least possible maintenance were chosen, such as concrete, stone, black aluminum, clear glass, and steel lattices on the exterior. Inside, warmth is achieved with carpentry elements and lighting.

The stairs made of matte black steel plate provide the elegance and freshness that the young family requires for day-to-day living.