Aldeia Temple


As for you, have you ever noticed how the world seems to be made up of edges and sharp corners? Have I drawn your attention to the scarcity of gentle outlines in things? Everything is tough and sharp. I observe, do you observe how it moves without collisions through the edges? Does it seem docile to you, so sinuous, avoiding touches that could hurt it? Well, to me, it seems false; I know its intricacies well and I know every time it has yielded so as not to be hurt by the outside. Look, listen, observe: these sinuosities belong to a snake, not a bird.
Caio Fernando Abreu

Temple, derived from the Latin word “templum”, signifies a sacred place. However, what are the characteristics that define the sacredness of a space? And what if it is of an ecumenical nature? There are plenty of questions, but answers are scarce. In the fact of this narrative, its establishment takes place in the bucolic territory of Aldeia, the metropolitan region of Recife.

In the sensitive attempt to delineate that intangible from plural perspective, a strong volume of calligraphy emerges from the solid ground, ascending towards the sky. In explicit and intentional contrast with the lust Atlantic forest, two white hypotenuses attenuate a certain dichotomy between the sacred and the profane.

A shelter with a simple soul, devoid of doors, with the walls, and blue floor , welcomes everyone that overflows with shadows and truth in symbiosis with the structure. Everything reverberates, the rest is silence.