Gözdenur Demir (PhD) is an architect and artificial intelligence enthusiast. She graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Architecture in 2007. She has worked in architectural offices in Istanbul and Ankara. In 2012, she completed her master's degree in Computational Design and Fabrication Technologies in Architecture program at TU Delft.

As part of the program, in 2014, at Middle East Technical University, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ahmet Can Baykan, she wrote a master's thesis on the comparison of space layout approaches, titled "Analysis of Space Layout Using Attraction Force Model and Quadratic Assignment Problem”.

Since 2019 she instructed the Computation Based Basic Design Studio, Design Geometry and Design Computing courses at Istanbul Bilgi University for three years.

In 2022 at ITU, Architectural Design Computing program, under the supervision of Dr. Aslı Kanan, she completed her PhD thesis on the classification of visual design principles with deep neural networks, titled "Analysis of Visual Design Principles in Art and Architecture by Computer Vision and Learning Based Model".

While her research on artificial intelligence in design and architecture continues, she works on architectural design and application projects in her office since 2015.


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