Born in Baia Mare, Romania in 1995, Diana is a student in the 4th year at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. In 2017-2018 she participated in the Erasmus Scholarship Program, moving to Brussels and studying at KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture. From her first year of studies, she participated in several national and international architecture competitions (architectural design, theory) where she won different prizes. In 2017 she participated at the International Seismic Design Competition, held in Portland Oregon, USA where she and her team won the 6th place. She is an active member in the The Association of Architecture Students in Cluj-Napoca (AStA).

Her research looks at how architecture and the role of the architect transcends in the contemporary era to a more social scale involving more and more in the design process the ones we are building for, the empirical factor that leads to an interesting ‘’mosaic’’ of knowledge and a more vibrant architecture.


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