Inside Josep Miàs’ Universe: The Loop Project

MIAS Architects presents "MIAS: The Loop Project," a comprehensive monograph edited by Actar Publisher. This compilation spans two decades of research and built work by Josep Miàs and his firm.

The book features insights from Sir Peter Cook, co-founder of Archigram, emphasizing the studio's unconventional dedication:

“The instinctive rather than the well informed is an interesting distinction in the current architectural scene. It leads perhaps to a certain delightful obsessiveness: so that with the sketches in particular, you see Josep’s fascination with the skeletal and with that which can be created out of the skeletal. (...) Surely this is both a fascinating and a meaningful territory of architecture and Josep Miàs explores it for our delight and instruction.”

This collection unveils twenty years of MIAS architects' and its founder Josep Mias’ involvement in international, high-profile architectural challenges in an account that doesn't showcase the finished projects but rather the entire production cycle, thus constituting an archive.

Highlighting recent recognitions, the Centre Pompidou dedicated an exhibition to MIAS Architects in 2020, now part of the permanent collection. Additionally, the Barcelona City Council and Government of Catalonia acknowledged the studio with a 2021 exhibition at the Museum of Architecture and Design DHUB.

"The Loop Project" delves into architectural excellence, infrastructure, and sustainable innovation and explores MIAS Architects' role in the debate between public and private spaces, the international recognition of the CUCADELLUM funicular reflects the studio's stance on transportation and sustainability.

MIAS is currently engaged in the Vallcarca Next project, transforming a former cement factory into a green tech-hub in South-Barcelona.

As MIAS Architects shapes the urban landscape, "MIAS – The Loop Project" stands as a reference, illustrating the journey from visionary architecture to real-world impact.