Glocal Camp Modena

Glocal Camp is the periodic event that the CivicWise network organises to meet, discuss and revise its structure and methodology. The fifth edition of Glocal Camp is hold in Modena between 1-10 March.

The aim of the meeting is to exchange of knowledge and good practices gained through the projects, as well as to increase the engagement with the local communities, reactivate spaces and participatory projects in the hosting territory.

The first Italian Glocal Camp will be an opportunity to both resume the work activated in the past editions, and to activate new projects and collaborations in the territory of Modena.

Camp will take place in OvestLab that is an ex-mechanical workshop situated in the Villaggio Artigiano neighbourhood in the west part of Modena. OvestLab is also a meeting point that brings together artistic disciplines, artisan productions, citizens engagement and a space where practices and ideas on local reactivation can be shared, promote civic innovation and participation in the community.

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