Light Field

Light Field II is a public installation designed by Praxis Landscape as a sequel of one of its previous design projects.

The installation is placed in Şairler Parkı (the Park of Poets) in Istanbul's Beşiktaş district. Located at the heart of Istanbul, this 5,300 m2 park was built in the ’90s to commemorate the heritage of great poets who used to live in this region. Among the old linden and magnolia trees, statues of the poets and their poems characterize the park’s landscape while also serving as great pieces of historical information for its guests.

Park of Poets is open to visitors during the night. Compared to the majority of public parks of Istanbul, this is a unique situation which allows the park to attract even more visitors. The park is not an isolated public space. Instead, it is alive all night. The Light Field installation is inspired by these very features that coexist harmoniously in the park: the poems, and the fascinating view of the night.


The installation was designed as an abstract reflection of the verses of poems that obtain a whole new identity in the visitor flow. The rejuvenated verses, and the richness of emotions they evoke in visitors, were transformed into lighting objects that were placed in the most visible corner of the park.


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