Vural House

Located in Göktürk, Vural House is designed as a private family house by Pimodek Architecture in 2021.

Built in 1990, the residential had the lack of functionality and aesthetic appeal, so the project consisted of fulfilling these needs and creating a living space responding to today's conditions.

Vural House comprises three storeys divided into private and shared spaces. Opening to the garden, the ground level which is intended for the common activities of the inhabitants, holds the living room, dining room and lounge area with a fireplace. Opening to the sports room and the kitchen, the family room is also planned in this level, so the spatial continuity is provided. Staff room is also arranged on ground level.

The stairs, which connect the ground storey with upper levels, is demolished and redesigned because of functional and aesthetic necessities. The master bedroom, located in the middle level, is planned as a suite with a dressing room, make-up room and a lounge area in it. Also two children’s rooms, a nurse’s room and a bathroom are planned in the middle level. The reading room which overlooks the living room is also thought in the middle level. A workroom and two guest rooms are planned in the attic.

Grey and white color palette is frequently used and completed with natural stones. Also the wooden coverings created a sense of continuity. On the other side, artworks and some furniture, lighting and decorative objects are highlighted in between this minimal flow. Şahin Demir ve Ozan Oganer, Emre Namyeter ve Hasan Pehlevan, Nconen, Mira Oran, Hande Uğur and Burcu Filiz’s art pieces are preferred in Vural House.

Blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior by wide openings, the colour and material palette of Vural House is continued through exterior. Adding a swimming pool, the house is thought of as a contemporary living space with its garden.