Mecidiyekoy Art and Istanbul Bookstore


For decades, Mecidiyeköy square has been remembered as an extremely negative place for the city, due to factors such as traffic density, exposure to noise and exhaust fumes, and being under the viaduct of public transportation. Within the scope of the project of renovating and modernizing the important squares of the city, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality invited the studio in collaboration with to create a new stopping point for the citizens, nourished by contemporary art, eliminating all the problems it currently has.

Photos: Orhun Ulgen

Within the scope of the 8000 m2 project area, two acupuncture structures were proposed: an art structure that people can watch along the pedestrian route and those who wish can enter to experience the exhibition, and a bookstore structure to realize the cultural regeneration of the square and its surroundings, which has been idle for years.

Photos: Orhun Ulgen

The buildings are designed as floating canopies in a way that allows the world they cover to be perceived from the outside completely and uninterruptedly. Although it is exposed to intense vibration under a viaduct and is in an earthquake zone, large openings and cantilevers have been created by using highly advanced steel engineering and manufacturing in the structure. The 360-degree glass facade of the building is enriched with pivot glass doors, thus allowing intermediate leaks from the square to the building.

The building was completed in October 2021 and opened for use.