Hidden Corner

Located in a riverside park within the chaos of the city, the Lattice Book House becomes a physical connection between perception and scale, defining the space by merging the structure, furniture and nature

The Lattice House is a book cafe. Sitting at any corner of the house, the books on the lattice structure and surrounding branches and leaves become all touchable sceneries. This building reproduces the spatial experience of forest in an artificial way, and makes a symbiotic relationship between abstract and representational in a continuous scale.

Supported by freestanding steel lattice structure walls, a group of platforms float in the trees with various heights. A bending stair links all the platforms and brings people to every space in diversified locations and sizes. Relying on the platforms, these spaces are interrelated and open to each other. The steel lattice wall and glass curtain, which are both transparent, blur the layer boundaries between platforms and interior/exierior.

Ground floor plan
1st floor plan
Site plan

We expect to merge structure, furniture and space into one, to make this building a physical media that can establish relevance among scale, space and perception. We believe that this relevance is the beginning of architectural mind.