Çuhadaroğlu Offers Custom Desgin Solutions for Turkey's Tallest Building, Central Bank

The systems used by Çuhadaroğlu in the Central Building project consist entirely of custom designs, and the magnificent architecture, design and manufacturing works of the project are carried out meticulously.

Çuhadaroğlu's specially designed panel systems are preferred on the 69.690 m2 facade of the ongoing Central Bank project, which will be the tallest building in Turkey with a total height of 320 meters. Çuhadaroğlu, which has proudly completed its 70th anniversary, is one of the technically equipped, domestic manufacturer and implementing companies that can put its signature on the facades of many building projects in the city skylines in Turkey with its special solutions; In Ataşehir, Turkey's Financial Center, it offers project-specific solutions in many projects such as the Central Bank, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency and Ziraat Bank, as well as the Central Bank.

In the ongoing Central Bank project, Çuhadaroğlu team completed the applications of stone and carcass panels weighing approximately one ton. Panel installations consisting of stone and composite moldings at the joints on some floors and between floors were also successfully completed. A total of 5.600 panel installations were completed in four months and the building was surrounded by panels.

"Cihannüma", located at the top of the Central Bank building, is used to mean the eye of the world and offers a magnificent view of Istanbul, just like its name. The Cihannüma section, where you can see Istanbul from a 360-degree angle, is made of glass, steel and aluminum systems, and the anchorage installation of this section is completed with the help of industrial climbers and using special platforms. After the anchors are connected by rope access technicians and industrial climbers, special platform teams work in this risky area and connect special systems here. After this stage, the technical team works on these platforms and provides the applications of the facade modules. This section, which is difficult to access and where physical weather conditions such as wind challenge the teams in every season, is very risky. For this reason, occupational health and safety procedures are meticulously maintained and regularly checked by teams.

Çuhadaroğlu, who continues with highly technically equipped teams such as architects, engineers, construction site team, mapping - surveying group, statics and building physics group, makes a difference in the Central Bank project. Providing different solutions as a result of meticulous work from sales, marketing, offer departments to R&D, planning and production departments, Çuhadaroğlu has been supporting its country with its producer and implementer identity for 70 years and is the university of the sector. Celebrating its 70th anniversary, Çuhadaroğlu uses the recyclable material aluminum as a building product, offers facade, sliding and joinery systems to many well-known projects in Turkey and the world, and acts as the implementing company of the projects.