Bareness that Comes from Rawness

The office of Lion Communications located inside a former printing house turns the industrial building into a working space in a manner loyal to its original qualities.

Lion Communications housing four agencies such as Publicis Yorum, Saatchi&Saatchi, Publicis Healthcare and Nurun, settles in an old printing company building which has been renovated as an advertising agency. The building is located in Bomonti district of Istanbul. The design is based on the idea of using simple rough materials and techniques to compliment the industrial feel of the building. Proposing a sequence of spaces, from social to private, workstations are placed on a raised platform in the middle of each floor while the meeting rooms and offices are placed on the outline as shells creating permeability with minimal closure. The courtyard as a secondary circulation hall in the middle of the building is the light source for all floors. Basement floor is designed as a gathering point for facilities including a multi functional platform, cafeteria, entertainment, sport etc.

Lion Communications, Urastudio