The Nature of Production

The interior design of Vinero Winery and Hotel transforms the factory building into a living space through the organic relationship between raw materials, stocks and the production location; while also adopting a unique guesthouse format.

A winery that takes place in Çanakkale’s Eceabat district in Gelibolu... The architectural project belongs to Tekeli-Sisa Architectural Partnership, which is one of the well established architectural offices in Turkey.We commenced our interior architectural project following the start of the construction phase of the building. We had the advantage of working within a relatively good timing, in presence of Dilgün Saklar and Mehmet Emin Çakırkaya from Tekeli-Sisa Office.

VINERO WINERY AND HOTEL, CM ARCHITECTURE, Eceabat, Çanakkale, Turkey, cemal emden
photographs: cemal emden

A winery, like all other factories, has to be designed to meet all the necessities of it’s existence, in the best way possible. Our aim was to provide a design preventing any disruption of the organic process. The building which is approximately 16.000m2 includes production and storage sections as well as service programmes such as laboratories and offices. In addition to this there is a guesthouse with 25 rooms including service areas for food and beverage etc. and a specific spa program.

At the production section the structure (concrete) was left as plain as possible while using coating partially as needed for water resistance and for any impacts that may come from the moving modules. Raw metal structures were incorporated with rough industrial attachment details while solid wood elements being delicately handled. These type of wineries are most likely to become active on particularly short periods of the year and inactive for the rest of it. Various visits, tasting events and the presence of the guesthouse becomes the extroverted face of the facility. We designed an amphi - presentation space as well as an in house lounge for these visits/ events. The common space facing the main entrance for the offices, guesthouse and winery were setup to be figuratively three dimensional.

Including the storage and ageing sections, we considered the reproduction of all materials and relations within the inclusion of the whole winery space. The guesthouse consists of rooms differing form one another. As in each room the sleeping space, the setup, the material use and wet spaces differ while all were designed/ programmed in relation with their attachments, services and materials.