Separation of Functions

Fire Station #5 adopts an elegant and contemporary form with simple materials, distributing functions into differently scaled volumes.

Located in the borough of Pintendre on the outskirts of Lévis, the new 1,500 sq. m. fire station houses eight fire trucks. The concept developed by the architects began with a splitting of the station’s functions, which can be seen by the different volume heights between the garage and the living spaces.

FIRE STATION #5,  STGM Architectes, CCM2 Architectes, Levis, Quebec, Canada

The contemporary building is simple in its form and in the materials used, with black aluminum cladding punctuated by silver parts and large glass sections. The entrances are marked by small wooden boxes that continue inside the fire station. These boxes are scaled down in contrast to the rest of the building to bring it closer to a human scale.

The interior has been designed to maximise the workspaces and living spaces. The garage has an abundance of windows that provide pleasing natural light and views of the rural setting. Offices and conference rooms are located at the front, while the living room and kitchen area are at the back of the building for more intimacy. The interior with its white surfaces has a calm and relaxing effect.

For the client an economy of means was of the essence. This inspired the architects to develop an elegant and contemporary form using simple materials like aluminum cladding. The main black volume is accentuated by wooden boxes to mark the entrances.