The Goods Line as a Civic Spine

The Goods Line transforms a disused rail corridor into a creative and connected public destination which enhances public life

Commissioned by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and in collaboration with design partners CHROFI, ASPECT Studios have created a public destination which connects more than 80,000 tertiary students, locals and visitors to the many major attractions of Sydney’s Darling Harbour. The Goods Line is the key strategic link and an important green space for this burgeoning part of the city. This elevated park has seen a disused rail corridor running from Railway Square to Darling Harbour reimagined as a leafy, energized civic spine in the heart of city’s most densely populated area.

photographs: florian groehn, simon whitbread
THE GOODS LINE, ASPECT STUDIOS, Australia, Florian Groehn, Simon  Whitbread

The former elevated rail corridor features a series of platforms, which can be used for a variety activities including, public entertainment, recreation, festivals and study. It will further connect arts, education and cultural institutions along Sydney’s Cultural Ribbon. Loaded with civic ambition and public purpose, the project was painstakingly planned and executed. Each pre-cast concrete panel, light fitting, planting and stool were labored over and intimately designed down to their finest detail. The design utilizes the robust materials associated with its rail infrastructure past – gravel, concrete, steel, and timber. Through a design process of digital modelling and a construction process largely undertaken by prefabrication.

The Goods Line is a place which speaks to a new kind of social infrastructure where multiple opportunities for gathering, playing, and exchange of ideas can occur. By embracing unique modes of interpretation, the rich history of The Goods Line is revealed and at the same time have created a new identity for the precinct.


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