A Friendly Space for Community

Designed By H&P Architects, BE friendly space aims to raise social awareness of the need for friendly spaces for community and to create sustainable spaces for the future

Initiated by H&P Architects in a combined use of the two major materials Bamboo & Earth since 2013 (BES pavilion in Ha Tinh, 2013) in a series of projects to create "a friendly space in suffocating urban areas", BE (Bamboo & Earth) friendly space presents an open space for the community, with importance being attached to aspects of culture and art (exchanges, exhibitions, cuisines etc.). BE friendly space is, thereby, expected to undertake the mission to improve the stormy relationship between man and nature in modern times.

BE FRIENDLY, H&P Architects, Mao Khe town, Dong Trieu district, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam

Located in the centre of Mao Khe town, BE friendly space is made of locally available friendly materials, in simple building operations and with the participation of local builders. The entire project is made of earth-rammed walls (40cm) adjacent to each other in a zigzag pattern that spares valuable green spaces for common use. These open spaces are also connected to each other through randomly placed windows (110cm X 220cm). Above the used space is a double alternate layer of bamboo- made roof to regulate light and air as well as to blur the boundary between the interior and exterior, architecture and landscape.

The objective of BE friendly space is to help raising social awareness of the need for friendly spaces for community in the context of urbanization and concretization which is gradually suffocating Mao Khe - one of the most populous towns in Vietnam, thereby making contributions to shaping actions of community in the process of creating sustainable spaces for the future immediately from today’s friendliness.


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