Engin is a transdisciplinary designer with background in architecture, engineering, sustainability and interaction design. After graduating with High Honors from Istanbul German High School, Engin completed his BS degrees at Stanford University in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architectural Design. Engin received project fellowships on green buildings from US EPA and Merage Foundation. He worked in the European and US offices of ARUP as the sustainable design consultant and a global design researcher, for 3.5 years. As part of this position, Engin engaged in low-energy design projects with teams including Foster+Partners, HOK, NBBJ, along with the ARUP Foresight+Innovation Team. Afterwards, Engin received his MPS in interactive design and media arts from Tisch School of Arts, ITP of New York University, focusing on interactive ecological installations. Meanwhile, Engin also assisted Adam Greenfield in teaching at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design program on 'Systems and Network Design for Cities.' In 2013, Engin co-founded ATÖLYE following his ITP thesis on 'Transdisciplinary Design of Creative Community Spaces.' For the last three years, Engin has been co-developing the ATÖLYE project and co-leading Atölye LABS, with projects pertaining to architecture (Ege University, ATÖLYE) and industrial design (UNDO, CNVS). Besides ATÖLYE, Engin is an adjunct instructor in Bilgi University, Faculty of Architecture, teaching an elective course entitled 'Transdisciplinary Urban Interventions' for the last three years.


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