Memalondon is organizing a roundtable meeting to debate architecture and housing in collaboration with Royal College of Art School Of Architecture MPhil and PhD programs on January 27, 2018 from 10:00 to 17:00.

"If architecture shaped in relation to authoritarian hierarchies can be defined as institutional architecture, what can beother architectures at a distance to/against the institutional architecture? What are its culture and tools? Discussing this requires an understanding of the relationships between power and society. In response to this, ‘adaptation’appealed to extend the discussions particularly to dwelling. To adapt and to be adapted are fundamentals ofdwelling. Yet, they are usually understood to be limited to the relationship between the user and the space. While,thorough analysis of user-space interactions has informed many works and continue to be a source of architecturalknowledge, ‘adaptation’ also extends to a larger network of relationships and stakeholders, as well as to discoursesof institutional architecture, its alternatives and its opponents."

"The roundtable aims to bring these ramification of adaptation in relation to dwelling together. Discussions mayconsider varying conceptualisations of the word "adaptation", and dwelling. How do users adapt to spaces and selfassertthemselves? How do institutions and stakeholders adapt spaces for different purposes? What role doarchitects play in these?"